Forest City Residential Management Inc.
University Park

Manufacturers of everything from electric stoves to deep sea telegraph cables have called this area home. A delicious history also exists here. The Kennedy Biscuit Loft building was once a thriving bakery, home to the original Fig Newton.

By 1970 industry had left, and the property began to languish. But to those who had a vision for what it could become, the potential was undeniable. And a revived, vibrant part of Cambridge was on the rise.

University Park was 22 years in the making. But eventually - brick by brick, building by building - an underused plot of land morphed into an exciting locale. Thus reuniting the neighborhood with the community that surrounds it. Giving a future and property to an important part of a great city.

Each building at University Park has its own approach to life. An outlook thoughtfully expressed in every detail of the building themselves. What unites them all is the lush, open space of University Park Common. Trees and plants, water and seating that weaves everything together. Adding interest and energy that transcends what any single building could provide. Creating green space for city living unlike anywhere else.

A compelling draw of University Park is all the exceptional amenities you will now have at your beck and call. Luxuries designed to help make your everyday routine much less routine. Catering to your needs. Expanding the experience of your home. And giving you the utmost convenience. The amenities are shared among all four residences. So no matter what building you live in, you can use whatever you need to make your life more comfortable.