• 4 Buildings, 4 Personalities, Which One Fits You?

      The essence of University Park is the essence of Cambridge. Eclectic, vibrant, diverse and exciting. A mix of people and places that work in harmony with one another. Steeped in education and enhanced by ever-changing culture. Surrounded by so many of the area's best offerings. University Park is a neighborhood all its own. Each one of University Park's four apartment communities has its own approach to life. An outlook thoughtfully expressed in every detail. Which one fits you?

    • 91 Sidney

      A peaceful refuge with classic, high-end services that encourage both access and escape. 91 Sidney is sophisticated and stylish. More than an apartment, it's an oasis. With luxurious appointments, cutting-edge technology and plenty of restful green space to enjoy. Urban lifestyle, both tranquil and energetic. Outside - landscaped gardens provide a respite. Inside - a multitude of high-quality amenities cater to your every need.

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    • loft23

      Bold progressive space with an eye for expressive design. Yours to mold. True loft living was the inspiration for this building located in a vibrant neighborhood. Individuals looking for a residence as creative as they are will truly feel at home. Soaring 14 foot ceilings, walls of light-inviting glass and open free-flowing spaces await your arrival. The aesthetics of loft23 are unlike anything you've experienced before.

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    • KBL

      Diverse, eclectic lofts with a genuine mix of history and community. Once a busy New England bakery and home of the original Fig Newton cookie. This landmark building, constructed in 1875, has been beautifully restored with an eye toward originality. A historic lifestyle awaits at Kennedy Biscuit Lofts. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and ready to welcome you home to sun-drenched living spaces.

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    • 100

      State-of-the-art. Transcending traditional luxury with a cosmopolitan feel. For upwardly mobile people seeking modern city living. 100 brings the best to an exclusive few. An unrivaled opportunity to rise 18 stories above the expected. To live at 100 is to surround yourself with modern design, unrivaled amenities and breathtaking views. Everything is within your reach. Comfort is in your control

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